Interview mit dem Lead Designer von DEMIGOD
Die Alpen pushen gemeinsam mit Deutschland und der EU-Sektion im Spiel Demigod. Nach zahlreichen Ankündigungen und News zu Thema, bringen wir heute ein interessantes Exklusiv-Interview mit Mike Marr, dem Lead Designer von DEMIGOD. Im Laufe des Tages folgt eine weitere News mit allen Details zum Opening-Cup!
Mike Marr war bereits an den bekannten Games Dungeon Siege II und Supreme Commander beteiligt und hat nun eine führende Rolle bei der Entwicklung von DEMIGOD inne. Er spricht über die Besonderheiten von DEMIGOD, seine Aufgaben und das einzigartige Spielgefühl von DEMIGOD.

ESL: Please introduce yourself. Tell us something about yourself and your job.

Mike Marr, Lead Designer for Demigod: Hello, I’m Mike Marr, Lead Designer for Demigod. I’ve been designing role-playing games and real-time strategy games for Gas Powered Games for several years now, and worked on both Dungeon Siege II and Supreme Commander.

ESL: What is it that you do at project DEMIGOD?

Mike Marr: As Lead Designer, I’m responsible for ensuring that Demigod is first and foremost- fun. This encompasses a wide variety of tasks; from user-interface, to Demigod design, to balance, to sound and music.

ESL: As an overview in your words, what is DEMIGOD about?

Mike Marr: Demigod is about playing a real-time strategy game that focuses on tactics in a multiplayer environment in a world unlike anything seen before. It’s about playing a character that is more god than mortal and wields tremendous power. Think of what it would be like to play the Greek hero Achilles, and you’re on the right track.

ESL: Within the game you play as a mighty DEMIGOD. Can you tell us about the role, gamers fulfill by playing one of these DEMIGODs and also about the differences between the Assassins and Generals?

Mike Marr: In Demigod, you play as a hero participating in a tournament to ascend to the Pantheon of the Gods. There are eight heroes in Demigod, four Assassins and four Generals. Within these two types are a variety of different gameplay styles ranging from full offense, to structure killing to support.

When playing an Assassin, the player is focused only on playing one character; the Assassin. All items and skills acquired go directly to benefiting the one hero.

In comparison, when playing a General, the player has access to a number of minions that can be summoned and controlled like in a real-time strategy game. Items and skills for General are split between enhancing the Demigod and enhancing their army.

ESL: Are there any special features or technological characteristics you‘d like to emphasize?

Mike Marr: Being focused on design, I’m not a very technical guy. However, let me do my best to speak about the technology from my perspective- the one truly special feature of Demigod is the amount of astounding visuals we’re providing to the user for the computer required to run the game. Specifically, Demigod looks better than our previous RTS, Supreme Commander, but the requirements for the computer needed haven’t changed.

ESL: What do you personally like about DEMIGOD?

Mike Marr: Logging on, forming a team with my friends and creating a plan to crush our opponents- and then seeing how that plan performs in battle. It’s a rush.

ESL: In the previous game history of Gas Powered Games you had success with real-time strategy games and role-playing games. By combining both genres and their elements, is DEMIGOD now the logical successor and why did you decide to go this route?

Mike Marr: In my mind, Demigod certainly fell into line with our previous experiences. The game takes the best of both genres and merges them into a great gaming experience. Our choice in pursuing this route was our drive to do something new and different that we found through prototyping to be very exciting and fun to play.

ESL: Some voices say that the feeling of the game resembles DotA. Is this just by chance and what does DEMIGOD offer to all those gamers playing DotA?

Mike Marr: It wasn’t by chance. DotA was one of the early inspirations for Demigod. I think that players of Defense of the Ancients will find a lot of similarities between the two games, yet also appreciate the differences between the two games.

ESL: In the beta we have seen some changes to the game as well as new features. Will there be any new features in the final version?

Mike Marr: We are constantly evaluating the game and making changes to address issues as they come up.

ESL: Do you plan to support DEMIGOD with new features, content and other stuff?

Mike Marr: Yes. We already have plans in the works for continued balance updates, bug fixes and new downloadable content.

ESL: You created a compelling multiplayer experience and DEMIGOD focuses on online competition. Will there be any special events for online gamers?

Mike Marr: Currently our special event is a game mode called the ‘Pantheon’, where players choose to fight for the Forces of Light or Darkness. In this mode the Demigods are split up, with four fighting for Light and four for Darkness. By winning games in this mode, you gain points for your side. When one side reaches a set number of points they win the tournament and it resets.

I anticipate we’ll be doing more in this vein if it proves to be a popular game mode.

ESL: To play DEMIGOD gamers have to install the software impulse. What is this software about?

Mike Marr: Impulse is a competitor to Steam created by Stardock that offers games that can be purchased and vaulted online. In addition, it has a number of community features such as forums, chat and friends lists.

ESL: Thank you very much!

Soweit die Eindrücke zu Demigod aus berufenem Munde. Wir machen mit einem Opening-Cup weiter! Alle Details hierzu folgen im Laufe des Tages.

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